Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Removal ServiceBed Bugs don’t know borders or provincial boundaries, nor are they concerned about your Socioeconomic Status! Read about our ONE visit – GREEN Solution.

The prevalence of bed bugs in Canada is a recent phenomenon, but the insect itself is not! Bed bugs have been around prior to World War II, but the use of long-lasting insecticides like DDT was able to reduce their numbers greatly. DDT is now banned and bed bugs are back. Bed bugs are being found in hotels, cruise ships, dorms, hospitals, homeless shelters, home and apartment buildings.

You do not have to live with bed bugs, Stutters Disaster Kleenup can remediate these nasty night-time intruders in just ONE visit and without the use of harmful pesticides. Our procedure is a GREEN solution; humans and animals can reoccupy the residence immediately after the procedure. The most important part of a successful eradication is to kill the bed bugs, not send them scattering and hiding; this will just bring them back.

What should you do…

Do you think you have Bed Bugs? Here is what you need to look for:

  • Red, itchy bites/welts that appear after you wake up from sleeping
  • Small brown bugs on or near your mattress
  • Black spots on your sheets and mattress

If you know you have Bed Bugs

  • Contact Stutters Disaster Kleenup – Do not ignore the problem it will only become worse
  • Do not use a bed bomb, this will scatter the bugs and make it more difficult to locate them and kill them
  • Do not use Boric Acid, it will not kill them and you will have a different mess to clean up, and still have the bed bug issue to resolve
  • Do not use garden pesticides, these are very toxic and may be harmful to your family
  • Do not throw out your mattress or furniture items; these MUST be properly disposed of to ensure the bed bugs are not able to spread. If your Stutters representative says they cannot treat the item it MUST be completely destroyed before you throw it away, discouraging others from using them in their home.

Questions on Bed Bugs?Bed Bug
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