Areas of your home that can cause water damage

Water damage can happen all of a sudden from any area in your home resulting in high repair bills.   Also causing permanent damage to carpeting, floors, furniture and electronic equipment, as well as destroy priceless family photos and valuables.  It’s important to react quickly and call Stutters to dispatch a qualified team with all the necessary equipment to bring your life back to normal.

Areas of your home that can cause water damage:

  • Gutters and drains – Make sure all the gutters are cleaned once per year and the downspouts are pointed away from your home towards a road or backyard
  • Outside faucets – in the fall prepare for winter by turning off faucets from inside the home
  • Roof – keep an eye on your roof for curling tiles, cracked flashing, skylight condensation or moisture in your attic
  • Overflowing bathtubs – never leave your bathtub unattended while filling
  • Trees to close to your home – roots invading and clogging drain lines can cause a sewer backup
  • Overflowing Toilets or blocked toilets – can cause progressive damage over time to vinyl tiles and sub floor
  • Caulking breakdown around doors and windows – make sure they are sealed and not showing signs of cracking or moisture
  • Foundation & wall cracks or soil erosion – if you notice any sudden soil erosion or cracks in your foundation repair quickly to stop water seeping into your basement
  • Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning – these units can be a common cause of water damage.  Air conditioners in particular require regular servicing.
  • Water shut off valves – make sure you know how to turn your water off to the house in-case of a flood
  • Appliances – once a year check your appliances especially washing machine water hoses, refrigerator lines, dishwasher lines.  Never leave your home with them running
  • Bursting or leaking pipes – any moisture around pipe joints should be repaired quickly. Pipes that burst or leak are common culprits of water damage
  • Hot Water Tanks must be checked for last service dates, rusting or small leaks. They should be replaced every 10 years
  • Sump pump – should be checked by a certified plumber

Going on holidays turn off water, drain pipes, toilets and ask a friend to keep an eye on the home.

Upon receiving your call, an emergency technician will be dispatched to your home or property immediately to begin the remediation process. Our technicians are highly trained professionals with the experience and knowledge to combat any property disaster situation.

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