Asbestos Common in Water, Heating Pipes and Gaskets

The construction industry was the main user of asbestos products in commercial and residential buildings.   Many products and materials in buildings built prior to 1990 can contain asbestos.   Some of the products include heating pipes, line gaskets and domestic water supply lines.   Which means that asbestos still has a significant presence in our lives.  Therefore; great care must be taken before any renovations starts.

This is a basic list of common pipes which could hold asbestos.

    • Steam lines
    • Hot water heating supply lines
    • Water return lines
    • Cast iron lines
    • Gaskets or flanges for pipes
    • Domestic water supply lines
    • Drain lines
    • Cement pipes
    • Rain water Lines
    • Sanitary lines

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The Stutters team follows a strict procedure when working with asbestos and is an environmentally friendly company.

Step one: Stutters employees will set up a containment area by using poly to seal in the contaminants.

Step two: Our crews suit up and wear special breathing equipment to carry out the removal process.

Step three: We then purify the air with HEPA filters before it goes back into the environment.