Asbestos Found in Incandescent Light Fixtures and Backing Behind Lighting

If you are planning on updating your lighting you should check for any asbestos materials that could be in the fixtures.   Asbestos was used in incandescent light fixtures and backing behind the lighting.   The asbestos material was used as a fire and heat protection shield.

Asbestos is found in thousands of building material products including lighting fixtures, drywall and ceiling tiles.   This  fibrous material became popular and commonly used as insulation in homes for its resistance to heat.   Many years later became recognized as a serious health risk,  with the Canadian Government banning it by 2018.   There will also be new workplace health and safety rules, changes to the building code or inventory of public buildings that contain asbestos.

If your home was built prior to 1990 and  you are planning on updating your lighting fixtures call Stutters Restorations for an inspection.   Especially, if you plan on removing drywall, ceiling tiles, plaster or drywall jointing materials.

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The Stutters team follows a strict procedure when working with asbestos and is an environmentally friendly company.

Step one: Stutters employees will set up a containment area by using poly to seal in the contaminants.

Step two: Our crews suit up and wear special breathing equipment to carry out the removal process.

Step three: We then purify the air with HEPA filters before it goes back into the environment.