Asbestos Paper Wrap Or Tape Could Be Part Of Your Home Duct System

Renovating? Keep an eye out for asbestos wrapped and taped ducts.

Asbestos is always a major concern for indoor air quality and the health of your family or employees. Many people are familiar with the common places that asbestos can be found such as ceilings, floor tiles and attic insulation. But, did you know that paper wrap or tape on your ducts could also contain asbestos? This material was used to seal and insulate heating and air conditioning ducts on the interior and exterior surfaces, especially around bends and connections.


Ducts Containing Asbestos


If your home was built prior to 1985 it is possible that your air ducts for forced-air heating systems could be insulated with a tape containing asbestos fibers. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to protect anyone working in their home, so be alert for unexpected sources of asbestos before attempting any renovation or removal of this material. If the wrap or tape on the ducting is frayed or hanging loose with torn ends, they should not be disturbed until examined by a qualified technician for asbestos. When this type of wrap deteriorates, the asbestos fibers have a much higher probability to become airborne once pulled apart.


Asbestos Wrapped Duct


Play it safe and call the professionals at Stutters to check your heating vents for asbestos containing materials. The inspection would include taking samples to be analyzed at a testing facility, and a full risk assessment to explain the safe removal of the duct material containing the asbestos.


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