Avoid Septic Tank Back-ups

The last thing any homeowner wants to come home to is a sewer back up. If your septic tank is not healthy and can no longer hold any waste it will push back, and come up out of your shower, or tub drain, even your floor drain can have waste come back up through it.

It’s important that there is care given to septic tanks to ensure that you do not have a sewer back up. Avoid garbage disposals, do not flush or pour non-biodegradable or chemicals down the drain, and only use septic-safe products. It’s important that there is no heavy vehicles or structures on top of the septic field, as it will need the ability to “breath”. Ensure there are no trees close to your septic field, as the roots could cause issues and create a septic tank failure.

How can you tell if your septic tank is starting to fail? Here are some tips on what you can watch for, so that you can avoid the unpleasant sewer back-up in your home:

  • Toilets are slow to flush
  • Water backs up in the toilet, sink, or washing machine
  • You can hear a “gurgling” when running water or flushing the toilet
  • Grass is a deeper green over the septic system area
  • Patches of sogginess or unusual puddles over the septic system area
  • Depressions in the soil over the septic system
  • Unpleasant smell in and around the house

Keeping the septic ‘active’, means keeping the micro-organisms that are breaking down all the waste healthy. This can be accomplished by simply putting a liter of spoiled milk down the toilet every few months. Another option is chopped up liver. This is feeding the bacteria and allowing keeping it healthy.

Pumping the septic field is required to remove the solid waste that was not broken down by the healthy microorganisms. Many experts advise a family of four with a 1,000-gallon septic tank to have the tank pumped after three to five years of full-time use. Other experts say you can go much longer between pumping operations. Pumping should only be done by experts as this is hazardous work, and needs to be disposed of properly. blank

If you experience a septic tank back-up into your home, call the professionals at Stutters Disaster Kleenup, and we will send out our trained and experienced technicians to start extraction of the sewer back-up in your home, and we will work to get your home back to pre-loss condition as soon as possible for you.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year just to serve you.  Call Stutters at 1-877-763-1540, and will be out immediately to take care of you.

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