Be Aware Of The Damage You Can’t See

Every day here at Stutters Restorations we have new claims rolling in and new situations to deal with. Our techniques and technology save you, and us, valuable time and money when it comes to water damage and the devastating aftermath than can ensue. Do you think you’d know if you have a water leak within your walls in the first hour of it starting? Odds are, probably not – you might not realize what’s going on until a day or two later when your paint starts to appear discoloured. Sometimes homeowners don’t realize for a week or more! The obvious problem with this is that it’s nearly impossible to tell by just looking with your eyes at how much water damage there really is. Unless you start cutting into walls to look for visual signs of moisture, you could replace one wall and still have 3 more that are saturated and will begin growing mould.

Our professionally trained Stutters team has the techniques and technology that can save you thousands down the road. By using our FLIR gun, we can use infrared technology to create a moisture map of your home – without having to rip apart walls, ceilings, or flooring. As seen in the photos below, the hidden water damage is easily noticeable with the FLIR gun in otherwise normal-looking areas of a home. Catching this damage now and not a month down the road can mean the difference between a $500 repair and a $3000 repair.



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