Bed Bugs – Hitching a Ride Home from Vacation

Bed Bugs – two words that are enough to make anyone feel instantly itchy, and to start looking around to see if there are any within 10 meters of you.

The last thing you want to think about when you are on vacation, is the possibility of Bed Bugs hitching a ride home with you. Bed Bugs can live almost anywhere…homes, hotels, movie theatres, office buildings, retail stores.

Bed Bug Bites On Arm

There are no limits for these bugs, as long as humans are there – they can be too. They will live for several months without feeding, lingering in furniture, suitcases, purses, or boxes of clothes until they find their next host. They can survive from nearly freezing temperatures up to 50º C (122º F), making them extremely versatile and resistant to “DIY” measures. Bed bugs also fairly smart creatures, hiding during daylight hours in areas such as mattress edges, electrical face-plates, closet corners, under furniture, laundry piles, or even picture frames. During the night they are drawn out from their hiding spots, attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. Feasting solely on blood, we are their buffets without knowing as their meals are quick and painless. However this can also lead to damage to our skin and health, leaving welts and rashes or passing on pathogens from previous hosts.

Your best bet to fight against these nasty critters is hiring professionals! Let Stutters’ expert team assess your situation and take care of all the important details so you can have peace of mind.

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