Before You Start Your D.I.Y Reno Consider These Potentiality Sources of Asbestos

Before you think about renovating, remodeling, demolitions or any additions to your older home you must consider asbestos risks.  Call Stutters Restorations before you start any major renovation on a home built prior to 1990  to check for asbestos in some of the materials you may be handling. Avoid disturbing any possible asbestos materials yourself until it has been tested by a professional company.

If you’re are planning work on your roof or attic check for vermiculite-based insulation as it may contain asbestos. It’s important not to disturb the vermiculite as it could send asbestos fibers into the air. If the attic was used for storage don’t move things out until the vermiculite is tested.  Overtime the vermiculite could have fallen into cracks ending up around door and window frames, along baseboards and electrical outlets.

Materials you need to be cautious of when renovating:

  • Old insulation
  • Sanding or scraping vinyl tiles
  • Removing acoustical ceilings
  • Sanding old plaster or speckling
  • Removing roof compounds
  • Removing roof felt paper
  • Removing an old water heater or furnace
  • Changing the configuration of heating vents
  • Removing old roof gutters
  • Pull out an old fireplace logs and ashes
  • Heat reflector in an old stove
  • Deck under-sheeting
  • Insulation on electrical wires
  • Window putty
  • Pipe insulation

Call Stutters Restorations and avoid serious problems before you begin any do it yourself projects especially before 1990.

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The Stutters team follows a strict procedure when working with asbestos and is an environmentally friendly company.

Step one: Stutters employees will set up a containment area by using poly to seal in the contaminants.

Step two: Our crews suit up and wear special breathing equipment to carry out the removal process.

Step three: We then purify the air with HEPA filters before it goes back into the environment.