Blackwater Nightmare

Sewer backups can be anyone’s nightmare, from the sight and smell to the loss of belongings and damage to your home. Sewage, or blackwater, can seep into your home due to neglect of what’s going down the drain, lack of resources, aged pipes, nearby construction, or even faulty plumbing in newer homes. Nobody – and we mean nobodyever wants to wake up or come home to their basement or bathroom flooded with ‘blackwater’.

Luckily, Stutters’ highly trained professionals know exactly how to handle a messy problem like this. With just one phone call we can be at your property within the hour to assess the situation and create a plan of action. Our technicians will begin extraction while also locating the source of backup to further arrange repairs. After all blackwater has been removed, we can then begin drying affected areas and decontaminating your home and belongings. Depending on the types of content affected, we will either set up a cleaning station at your home or bring your items back to our warehouse for cleaning. If certain items are not possible for us to clean, we will provide you with an itemized list so you aware of every step we are taking. Once your home and belongings have been dried, cleaned, and brought back to normal, you can rest assured you called a professional and experienced team to get the job done right.

When disaster strikes, call Stutters – available 24/7, we are always one phone call away!

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