Building Materials Play Large Role In Disasters

From basements to attics, your home or property is made up of hundreds of different types of materials with all of them having different compositions and coatings. The variety and types of materials can play a large role in the damaging effects caused by every day accidents such as roofing leaks, sink or bathtub spillage, water heater leaks, laundry machine overflow, plumbing failures, sewer back ups, or even structural complications such as foundation cracks that allow ground water to seep in. Every inch of tape, mud, plaster, tar, sealant, pipe, hose, wood, flooring membrane, concrete, tile, drain, or anything else you can think – has an impact on the future of your home.

Water Damaged FloorFor example, you need to renovate your basement bathroom but already have leftover drywall and flooring materials from a previous bedroom renovation. You’re trying to cut costs, so you utilize all that left over material to create a functional basement bathroom. A year down the road that bathroom sink overflows and saturates the floor and lower half of the drywall surrounding it. Unfortunately when this all happened, you were away on vacation and didn’t notice the damage until a week or two later. Considering these materials were not manufactured to be utilized in a generally warm and humid environment, the flooring is now warped and all affected drywall needs to be replaced. The inside of the surrounding bathroom walls have high moisture levels and mould has started forming, plus the affected flooring outside of the bathroom will need to be replaced as well. This situation can become very costly, very fast – but for the most part, a large portion of the damages were avoidable. Had the homeowner installed a flooring membrane, or used drywall designed to repel moisture, the amount of damages could have been significantly less and mould growth could have been avoided.

Everybody experiences disasters…Mould Growth In Corner

Our Stutters team has seen thousands of homeowners with very similar situations, and has the experience and professional training to remediate these issues effectively and efficiently. We can recommend and pursue the best course of action to not only immediately restore your property, but also to protect your home and belongings in the future. We believe every disaster is also a learning experience, and the same disaster does not need to happen twice. With the proper restoration techniques and materials, we can ensure your home is well protected.

When disaster strikes, let us be your first choice! Within minutes of receiving your call, our crew will jump into action and immediately dispatch emergency technicians to your property and begin the remediation process best suited to your situation.


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