Dishwasher Floods Are More Common Than You Realize.

Appliance failures always seem to happen when you retire to bed or head out for the day.    It’s never fun to arrive home and find your dishwasher flooded causing thousands of dollars in damage.

If this happens the first thing you need to do is turn off the circuit breaker to the dishwasher to avoid any possible electrical shock.   Then, mop up the water and examine your dishes thoroughly because some of them could be broken.  Next unload the dishes and washing ranks to check for any food partials clogging up the drain grate.  If the drain grate is not plugged then your hose that runs from the unit to the kitchen sink may need replacing.

Manually drain your dishwasher using a plastic cup then check the hose that connects from the bottom and back of the dishwasher to your kitchen sink.  You can run water through the hose to see if it is blocked or cracked.

Another common issue which can cause your dishwasher to flood is the door gasket may not be sealing completely.  Leaking around the door edges may signal a door gasket that needs replacement or a door that needs adjusting.

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