DIY Flood Damage Cleanup Not A Good Idea!

It’s that time of the year when creeks can overflow.

If your home has been flooded due to heavy rains and you’re thinking about cleaning and repairing the damage yourself, think again.

Restoring your home back to its original condition can present many challenges.  It’s what you don’t see that can become very costly in the long run.

For instance:

  • Flood water can seep into every crack or crevice. If the water is not professionally removed then major problems with mold will appear especially if you live in high humidity areas.
  • Health problems can occur while breathing in mold spores. Asthma is one condition that may alert you to look at possible mold growth in your home.  Severe headaches and major sinus issues is also related to mold issues.
  • Mold removal and repairs can be very costly; Stutters Restoration Professionals will get the job done the first time and save you money.
  • Be aware that flood waters can potentially have elevated levels of contamination associated with raw sewage and other hazardous like toxic substances.
  • You also run the risk of missing a leaking area where as the next flood or heavy rain will come back and haunt you again. Another reason to hire a professional team like Stutters Restoration Company.
  • Doing it yourself is not as easy as it looks. Removing water soaked items, ripping out carpets, flooring and replacing it doesn’t seem so hard.  Depending on how long the water sat for the sub floors will most likely need replacing.  Water damage to a sub floor is something you do not want to miss identifying.
  • A few more major don’t do it yourself reasons are the dangers of water getting into your walls and damaging your home’s electrical system.  Or, water getting into the cement foundation then next winter it could freeze and expand causing it to crack.

Let the experts that have a trained eye, proper
dry air technology, infrared moisture detectors
handle your cleanup completely.  Stutters will
investigate all aspects of the cleaning process
and may save you financially but more
importantly your health.

Infrared Moisture Detector
Dry  Air Cleaning Technology

Remember you can dry what you can see; it’s what you can’t see that’s going to determine the damage and extent of the clean up necessary to bring your home back to its original condition. Stutters Restoration Professionals are the team to get the job done.

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