The common risks you may encounter when you decide to take the do it yourself approach to cleaning your carpets.  With so many products and cleaning devices on the market for stains and water leaks, how hard could it be?  You read the instructions and begin the process of eliminating the stain or water leak on the carpet.

Do it yourself carpet cleaning is not a good idea for many reasons and while it may seem affordable at the time it may end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.

Here are a few reasons why it may be better just to call Stutters as we as professionals know exactly how to undo the damage.

#1. You may not like the results as the products and cleaning devices whether you purchase or rent do not have the power to deep clean and do the job correctly.

#2.  If a wet carpet has not been found in time you run the risk of getting a musty odour.  Over time this smell can be present throughout the home.

#3.  Another major issue that can be apparent is mould.  If you do not correctly clean and remove moisture then you can get mould build up but more importantly it is harmful to your health. Contact Stutters we are professional carpet cleaning service and guarantee to get the job done.

#4.  Excess moisture can delaminate your carpet.  What this means is the carpet separates from the secondary backing.  Remember replacement cost of a carpet including under pad, installation and disposal of your old carpet will run you over $6 a sq ft.  By choosing Stutters we will make your carpets look better and last longer.

#5. If your carpet is not properly cleaned and dried the first time, you may cause your carpets to shrink and pull away from your wall.  Once again this will cause you to have to spend more money in replacement costs.

When you choose Stutters professional carpet cleaning we will act quickly to deep clean and protect your carpets from further damage.  DIY may sound like an economical idea but in the long run wouldn’t you rather save the headaches and possible damage and call Stutters.

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