Don’t Bring Home Bed Bugs From Your Vacation

Tips on preventing bed bugs from hitching a ride home from your vacation.

  • It’s possible bed bugs can hitch a ride from the flight.   Wrap your luggage in heavy plastic or use anti-bed-bug sleeves.
  • When you arrive in the hotel take your bags directly into the bathroom where there is a tile or vinyl floor.  Non-porous flooring such as tile are not bed bug friendly. This gives you time to inspect the hotel room and bedding.
  • Don’t place them on luggage racks, beds for floor. Those areas could be infested with bed bugs.
  • Before you start unpacking inspect the room.  When inspecting start with the bed, under it, behind it and walls.
  • Check the linens, mattress and it’s seams, box spring, pillows and anything connected to the beds.
  • Don’t stop checking at the bed.  Next check behind the headboard, night tables, carpeting, rugs and drapes.  If possible check the carpeting, rugs, drapes and upholstered furniture and behind wall decor.
  • Don’t toss your clothing on the floor after you wear it, and any clothing you wear while in the room should go into a plastic bag when you’re done with it.
  • Before heading home you should consider washing or dry cleaning all your clothing just in-case you are carrying a few of those pests.  Once done drop your clothing into plastic bags.
  • Your final inspection should be your suitcase before zipping it up.
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