Dry Air Technology At It’s Finest

Today’s restoration technology is always improving, leading to faster project turnover rates and happier clients.

Our professionals at Stutters help ensure your satisfaction by providing the best techniques and equipment available. We are educated in the science of proper drying techniques, and highly qualified in the science of restoration. Our methods can not only save your home, but also save your clothing, shoes, suitcases, stuffed animals, blankets, and even your books, old albums, or important papers. We have trained and dedicated staff ready to help.

Our system channels preconditioned dry heated air into affected areas with assistance from our air movers and causes evaporation. The moist heated air is then funnelled outside until the affected areas are dry. A huge benefit to this method is that personal belongings like furniture or building materials like drywall are often not removed and replaced. Affected items can often be completely dried on site, significantly reducing project costs. Throughout this drying method, our technicians will continuously monitor moisture levels in your affected content and home to ensure your property is drying safely.

In any disaster situation, we can offer you:
– Infrared moisture detection, to ensure all moisture has been detected and taken care of
Content cleaning, to save your precious belongings from mould
Carpet cleaning, to save your flooring and minimize renovation costs
– All types of water damage restoration, from the emergency call to the rebuild and finishing touches

When disaster strikes, call the professionals at Stutters.

We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, & 365 days a year to serve you better!

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