Dry Ice Blasting: Your New Favourite Cleaning Method

Cleaning with dry ice is a 20th century development and breakthrough in cosmetic repair to residential homes, commercial buildings, roads, sidewalks, and many other hard surfaces that can withstand the pressure. Our system uses dry ice pellets forced through a nozzle by compressed air to blast away substances such as adhesives, resins, oils, paint, decals, char, soot, and even reduces the musty burnt smell left after a fire disaster. We have also proven this method to be equally effective on steel and concrete superstructures as it is on wooden floors, ceiling and roof joists, or masonry surfaces.

The dry ice is stored around -78º C (-109º F) and when the frigid pellets “blast” against unwanted materials, it causes them to shrink and lose adhesion from whatever surface they may be on. Additionally, as pellets break through the unwanted material and comes in contact with the underlying surface, the warmer temperature converts the pellets into carbon dioxide gas. This rapid change in composition has a staggering volume difference, expanding behind the unwanted material against the underlying surface, ultimately speeding up the removal process.

Another bright side: unlike other traditional methods, there is absolutely no secondary waste & no harmful chemicals throughout the entire process.

Soot Covered Beams Before Dry Ice Blasting
Before Dry Ice Blasting

Soot Free Beams After Dry Ice Blasting
After Dry Ice Blasting

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