Electrical Wiring and Overloaded Systems can Cause a Fire.

Did you know electrical wiring is the leading cause of house fires?

Overloaded systems tend to have strong electrical currents running through the wires, causing them to heat up in the process.  The situation can become a real danger when the system heats up enough for ignition to happen, causing fire in the process.  Faulty electrical wiring and overloaded systems are the most common cause of electrical fires.  Don’t ignore the most common electrical malfunctions that could cause an electrical fire.

Watch out for:

  • Burning smell around the home – try to pinpoint it’s location and turn off power
  • Lights flickering or dimming constantly – call your electrician
  • Keep tripping switches at the electrical panel
  • Notice a discolored outlet or slight burning
  • An outlet or switch is heating up
  • Outlets spark when plugging or unplugging
  • You here crackling sounds from outlets
  • Too many extension cords – cords could get damaged
  • Buzzing sound from outlets and lights where the electrical current to jump

If you experience an electrical fire, your best chance at fully restoring your home and belongings requires a quick call to the professionals at Stutters Restorations.

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