Electrical Wiring, Switches and Panels Can Contain Asbestos

If you’re considering upgrading your electrical system in your home, consider the possibility that asbestos could have been used in your electrical panel, panel backing, switches or wiring. This material can be found in commercial applications and in residential properties.

If your home is older than 1990 asbestos could have been used to control heat, electrical current, and electrical fire. If you notice a felt-like material around electrical areas, it could be asbestos.  The purpose was that, if a short were to occur, the electrical cloth would not catch on fire due to the flame retardant properties of asbestos. If this material is showing signs of being brittle or breaking down, it’s extremely dangerous and should only be handled certified asbestos professional.

Asbestos Backing Material

Areas where asbestos is possible:

  • Electrical Wires insulated by Asbestos cloth
  • Electrical Backing Boards as a fire retardant
  • Electrical meters
  • Fuses in Panels
  • Electrical Panels
  • Light switches or light fittings sockets in old homes
  • Conduits and pipe runs (in ground)
  • Air-conditioning systems.

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