Equipment Installed for your Water Damage

You called Stutters Disaster Kleenup to take care of the water damage in your home. So, what are some of the pieces of equipment we have running in your home or business, and why is it necessary to have them on?

The Dehumidifier is responsible in pulling the moisture from the air. The warmer the affected room is, with this piece of equipment in it, the better. With this machine running it will pull moisture from the air, and cools the air creating condensation, which is then pushed through the drain line that is emptying into a drain or bucket. Depending on the relative humidity in the air, we could pull 70 pints of water in one day from the air.

Why do we have air movers working along side the dehumidifiers? The air movers will force dry air over wet materials, producing evaporation at a higher rate. How the air movers are set up is part of the drying science. This may seem minor on where the equipment is place, but in fact it is important. Moving the wet and dry air allowing the dehumidifier to work to its fullest potential, rather than making the one piece of equipment do all the work. Keeping the air moving increases the overall drying time.

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