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Disaster Cleanup Equipment

This is a photo of our new Stutters Loader Hurricane 500S. We call it the Stutters Loader. The power of the Stutters Hurricane Hepa Vac Loader System allows maximum vacuum performance for long run conveyance from high-rise buildings, tunnels, confined areas and crawl space with single or multiple smaller diameter hoses.

Hepa Vacs are powerful, completely self-contained, trailer mounted critical filtered vacuum systems, capable of conveying asbestos and other contaminated solids, slurries, powders and liquids.

The Stutters Hurricane is the best safety vacuum ever designed. All processed air within the fully enclosed negative pressure system is thoroughly scrubbed by a unique four-stage filtration process. Complete control of the system is maintained by the operator, with all collected materials being easily bagged through a specially designed discharge valve at the operator’s workstation.


Uses for the Stutters Hurricane:

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Stutters Loader Hurricane 500S

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