Esporta Wash System Cleans All Soft Contents

Trust Stutters to save your clothing, furniture, draperies, sports equipment and more.

When your valuable contents have been exposed to a fire, there is little time to waste before starting the restoration process. The acids from soot and unhealthy micro-organisms in contaminated water will settle into the materials of your soft contents (such as fabrics) and permanently alter them, leaving you with a non-restorable item. Items that have been soaking in water can become contaminated and contain a foul smell, but they are not destroyed beyond repair.

The patented Esporta Wash System utilizes hydraulic pressure and specially formulated proprietary detergents to remove organic and non-organic contaminates and odours caused by smoke, water and sewage.  The Esporta Wash System effectively cleans, decontaminates, and eliminates mould, bacteria, funguses and viruses from a wide array of items. This could include clothing, draperies, linens, leather goods, sporting equipment and of course your family’s favorite stuffed animals.

Once your contents have been cleaned using the Esporta Wash System, we always ensure the process has been successful. Using a bio reveal swabbing system, we can scientifically prove that harmful bacteria has been successfully removed from your personal belongings. Afterwards, we can then return your items as good as they were before your disaster happened.

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