Essential Oils: The Underrated Household Cleaners

Do you know what’s in your household cleaner?

Most people don’t; but as a consumer, you wouldn’t likely know what to look for.

The need for a heavy duty, strong & effective cleaner here at Stutters Restorations is crucial- with jobs ranging from extensive water damage to crime & trauma scene clean up, we rely on a systematic cleaning process to ensure our client’s homes are meticulous when we leave.

It goes without saying that the messes we clean up need a cleaning solution that packs a little more of a punch than your ordinary household cleaner from the grocery store.

But, we are fully on board with the demand for more natural solutions in the home, including cleaning. Households across BC are choosing to go green for the health of themselves, their families and the planet.

At Stutters Restorations, we choose to use eco-friendly, botanical antimicrobial cleaners, that use essential oils for effective and functional cleaning on an industrial level. These cleaners are less toxic than vinegar! Specifically, it uses lemongrass and thyme oil- powerful cleaners that you can also use in your home.

Lemongrass oil has some serious germ fighting powers, and is a fantastic deodorizer.

Thyme oil is rich in thymol, carvacrol and linalool, which protect from bacteria and fungi.

Want to know something cool about the cleaners Stutter Restorations chooses to use? (Aside from the fact that they smell amazing?)

7,275,199 kilos of synthetic chemicals have been displaced with their botanical formulations.

Okay, one more cool thing.

The essential oils that plants produce are actually to protect themselves from invading microbes, kid of like how we produce antibodies for our protection.

There’s actually a bunch of cool things to learn when it comes to using essential oils in natural cleaners. These guys are the pro’s; check out how botanical disinfection technology may just be the future of cleaning.