Fireplace Safety

The crackling of a fire, on a cold winter night is very inviting. However; it’s important to keep in mind these basic safety tips so that you and your family are safe this winter season.

It’s important to have your chimney cleaned at least once a year, and it is suggested twice a year if you use your fireplace frequently.

Keep a Class A fire extinguisher close at hand. Also ensure your smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors are tested regularly, and in working order.

Never use an accelerant such as lighter fluid, gasoline or any type of flammable liquids to start your fire.

Keep young children clear of a burning fire, and never leave them unattended when the fireplace is in use.

Never leave a fire unattended.

Keep a screen in front of your fire to ensure that the logs and embers stay inside your fireplace.

Allow ashes and coals to cool completely before throwing them out.

Keep flammable items clear of your fireplace, such as garland and stockings hanging on the mantel, curtains, furniture, toys, and decorative décor.

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