Green Friendly Solution For Bed Bug Removal

Are There Bed Bugs in the Okanagan?

Yes, bed bugs are in the Okanagan and could be starting a family in your home. They are very difficult to deal with and require professional attention. If allowed to multiply, they can be found in loosened wallpaper, plaster cracks, behind baseboards, window frames, door frames and pictures. Stutters Disaster Kleenup can kill these nasty night-time intruders in just ONE visit and without the use of harmful pesticides.

Signs you may have an infestation.

  • Start with checking for signs in the bedroom looking in cracks and crevices. Check during the day and at night when they come out to feast.  Bed bugs do not have nests like ants or bees but tend to hide in clusters. Bed bugs prefer to hide close to where they feed and go back to the same hiding spot.
  • Bed bugs usually bite the occupants at night while they are sleeping. The bites can occur on any exposed skin and the symptoms vary from an itchy welt, red bite marks or swelling.
  • Look for blood stains, spots of fecal material on sheets, pillows, mattress, headboards, box springs, walls and furniture in the room. If you find skeleton remains or find even a few bed bugs you may be heading for a full out infestation.  Call Stutters Restorations immediately to stop them in their tracks.
  • If you have a large infestation you may notice an unpleasant musty odor.  If that is the case start your search to make sure that the bugs are not the cause of the odor.

Don’t bring these bugs back home while your vacationing.

  • When entering a hotel check the room thoroughly especially the bed area. Keeping  your clothes off the floor and bed.  For added protection your suitcases and purse should be in a pest proof container such as a sealed plastic bag.  When you get home, put clothes in a hot drier for a hot cycle just in case you picked up a few hitch-hikers.
  • If you like purchasing used clothes, vintage items, furniture and even electronics they should be check for bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs could also be brought into your home by a visitor.  It’s a difficult topic to bring up but ask your visitors if they have had any problems with bed bugs in their travels.   If so, ask if they don’t mind keeping the suitcases in plastic bags…..a little awkward but worth the discussion.
  • If you do have bed bugs remove the infested items by placing them in a sealed bag. If you have them on larger items like a mattress or baseboard they should be removed from the home carefully so they are not spread throughout the house.
  • You can also protect your home from these nasty little critters by using bed bug proof mattresses and box spring covers.
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          Bed Bug Life Cycle

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