Guano Remediation For Your Home Or Business

Need help with bird excrement on your property?

batguanoGuano is the excrement of seabirds, bats and many birds in general. As a manure guano is a very effective fertilizer as it is rich in nitrogen, phosphates and potassium, however if you are not an organic farmer it is a nuisance around your home.

Most guano doesn’t present a health issue on its own, however if left untreated in an attic space or other confined spaces some guano can grow a type of fungus that can cause a lung disease called histoplasmosis or eye infections in humans serious enough that you can lose your eye.

When left alone guano can create an odour that could eventually overpower your home, and the droppings along with the urine can become corrosive to woods and metals, eventually compromising the structure and integrity of the building. These droppings can also have such a strong odour that will also lure other animals and unwanted insects such as cockroaches.

We recommend the removal of guano when located somewhere that people or animals may disturb it, or if you are planning a remodel of your home within the area that the guano is located. It also becomes necessary if someone in the home has developed any type of unexplained respiratory issues.

Stutters Restorations technicians are trained to remove guano while minimizing the chances of spreading histoplasmosis spores into the building and surrounding buildings.

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