Have your Carpets Cleaned Professionally

A professional carpet cleaning by Stutters Disaster Kleenup is the best way to remove even the most stubborn spots and stains from your home’s carpets. Your home will not only look and feel cleaner, it will be more enjoyable to spend time in. A good carpet cleaning will also enhance your home’s indoor air quality as it will remove any dirt and allergens that have settled in the carpets over time.

How often your carpets are professionally cleaned will depend on the traffic that your carpets see. Do you live alone or with a partner, and your carpets only see gentle wear, then you can likely go a full year with just 1 professional carpet clean. If you have a busy household with kids or pets that spend time outside, you would likely benefit from professional carpet cleaning by Stutters at least 2 times a year.

blankAllowing Stutters to professionally carpet clean your home’s carpets will also increase the life of your carpets, which will save you money as replacement of carpets can quickly add up when you consider the cost of removal, fresh underlay, carpet, and installation.

Stutters trained staff are knowledgeable on the various fibers, carpet construction and know the proper cleaning agents required for each. Wool carpets require different handling than nylon, polypropylene (olefin) or polyester. For example: wool carpets require a light detergent while the SmartStrand carpet material requires only hot water extraction. SmartStrand has 100% permanent, built-in stain protection which never wears or washes off. Whereas nylon carpets, after 3 or more shampoos, need a stain resistant product like Scotchgard™ to be re-applied to protect the carpet from staining.

Protect your carpet investment and call Stutters Professional Carpet Cleaners for a free estimate 1-877-763-1540.