How Infrared Cameras Work for Water Damage Detection

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Infrared cameras are another vital tool for Stutters Restorations Restoration.   The infrared camera shows temperature differentials and thermal patterns.  The rainbow colored images can help identify cold spots due to drafts or uneven insulation, but can also help to spot moisture which shows up as a dark blue spot on the image.

Since infrared cameras can pinpoint the exact location of moisture problems, any necessary repairs can be minimized saving homeowners the aggravation of hunting down an issue.   Infrared cameras are ideal for detecting moisture from dripping plumbing, leaks around windows, vents, basements and your roof.    As we all know moisture and similar conditions can promote mold growth which is bad for your health.  Stutters Restorations has highly skilled technicians that can interpret the thermal images and make sure your home is DRY.

      Infrared Moisture Detection

Situations where infrared cameras can benefit the homeowner.

  • If you notice musty odors in your home or property you are about to purchase
  • When a home inspector cannot verify whether there is a leak behind a finished wall
  • If the warranty on a new building is nearing the expiration date
  • When searching for plugged drains, ice dams or standing water on the roof
  • Checking for door or window air leaks
  • After repairing the damage from a roof leak, equipment failure, broken water line or flood
  • If you think the plumbing or waste lines are leaking
  • When searching for moisture in a crawlspace or roof

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