If Your Sewer Is Backed Up, Call Now We Are Ready To Assist 24/7

If you come home to find your sewer has backed up into your basement call Stutters Restorations for immediate assistance.  Sewage backups should be dealt with as quickly as possible by professionals.  Call Stutters Restorations toll free number 1-877-763-1540.   Start taking photos of the effected areas both inside and out.  Check your insurance coverage and call your insurance company.

  • Remember to wear protective gear when dealing with the affected area. Make sure you wear gloves, eye-protection and rubber boots.
  • It’s a good idea to open windows in the home and let fresh air flow through the house.
  • Keep people away from the flooded area and remind them not to use the water system in the home.
  • Don’t flush any toilets or drain tubs until a professional arrives to assist. This includes using any water in the house for drinking or cleaning.
  • Don’t use any powerful chemicals to unplug drains as they could damage your plumbing.
  • Don’t touch any electrical panels in the house until they have been cleared by a professional.
  • If you’re concerned about your belongings we can quickly set up a cleaning station at your home or bring your items back to our warehouse for cleaning.

Our professional Stutters Restorations team is here to assist you, answer your questions and begin the process of getting your home back in great condition.  – Stutters is available 24 hours a day!

For emergency services, please call your local Stutters office:

Toll Free: 1-877-763-1540

Kelowna:  250-763-1555

Vernon:    250-542-9893

Penticton: 250-490-3552

Castlegar:  250-304-1705