Infrared Moisture Detection Saving Homeowners Thousands Of Dollars in Repairs

Infrared moisture detection for your home.

Today’s new infrared moisture detection equipment shows homeowners exactly what is going on behind their walls, floors and roof. You can use the infrared to detect any water issues or collecting moisture anywhere from the building’s foundation to its shingles. It will detect slow leaking pipes, window frame issues, refrigeration equipment leaks, concrete issues, or even a small leak in a roof. Infrared Moisture Detection saves homeowners thousands of dollars in locating the problem quickly without being intrusive, cutting down mould removal and renovation costs.

More and more people are also asking for an infrared moisture inspection prior to purchasing a home or building. You would be surprised just how many leaks or moisture problems are in a building without the current owner knowing they have an issue.  Our trained technicians can pinpoint sources of leaks or moisture build-up in any residential property, apartment building or commercial business.

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