Kitchen renovations can expose you to the dangers of asbestos

Asbestos abatement and removal
materials in your kitchen that could hold dangerous asbestos particles.

There are serious health and safety concerns that one should keep in mind while renovating your kitchen, and how exposure to certain materials, such as asbestos, can cause harm to yourself and family members.  Many studies have linked exposure to asbestos with certain types of cancer.  It’s why you need to have  material tested for asbestos.

Areas in your Kitchen you should be tested for asbestos before you start the renovation.

  • Kitchen Tiles – pre 1990 9″ vinyl or asphalt-based floor tiles, pre 1990 12” vinyl tiles and pre-1990’s sheet linoleum.
  • Ceramic Tile – Underlay sheeting for ceramic tiles.
  • Kitchen Tile Adhesive – glue used for kitchen flooring materials.
  • Drywall – you’ll need to have the drywall tested before removal or disposal
  • Ceilings – including drop ceiling, popcorn ceiling and plaster
  • Splash-backs – glue used for the splash-back or even the tile could contain asbestos
  • Hot water insulationasbestos coatings used to insulate hot water.
  • Ducting – replacing or moving ducting work check for tape at the joints some did contain asbestos.

Asbestos Exposure
Asbestos exposure has been linked to the development of serious respiratory diseases and cancers, including mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, and other conditions.

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