Odour Control

Updated from original post January 29, 2018

As we head into what now seems the “new normal”, of fire season, it’s important to know your options of odour control.  There are many amongst us that have sensitivity to odours, and breathing issues from the smoke that gets trapped in the valley from forest fires from near or far.  We can run an air scrubber to pull odour.  However, if you experience more intimate smoke damage, close to your business or residence, and there is affected content inside your home or business, the best way to ensure that all odour has been addressed, is to use one of the 3 technics we have at our disposal.  Ozone, Hydroxyl, or our newest option, Halo Fogging.  Each have their own benefits, and when you have odour in your home or business, our professionals will assess and determine what method is best to achieve the best outcome.

Air Scrubber
We use our various Air Scrubbers to pull odours from particulates, mould to smoke.  Depending on the area, and source, we will typically use our HEPA 500 Air Scrubber.  We can use a variation of filters in this Air Scrubber to pull different odours or particulates out of your space.  This piece of equipment can run while you and pets are home.  There is no adverse affects to being around this equipment while it is running, and pulling odour from the air.

We use Ozone to remove odours caused by fire and smoke, water blankdamage, and many other contaminants.
We have portable units that we take on site, as well as two spacious Ozone rooms at our content restoration warehouse.
When Ozone is being used, the area is to be blocked off with no access for people, pets, or plants. A Warning notice is placed at all points of access, stating no admittance. Once the Ozone session has completed, an air exchange must happen to clear the air of any remaining ozone.

We use Hydroxyl for the same applications that we do for Ozone. However, this application is much safer for all living things. This means we are able to work in the same areas that the Hydroxyl is running, and it is safe for plants and animals as well. The downside, is this application can take several days in order for this process to complete. We are typically working at the same time that the equipment is running. Air flow, high humidity and filtration provide the highest success using Hydroxyl.

Halo Foggingblank
This is a newer technology to the restoration world. We use the product HaloClear, and this dry fogging formula surrounds, encapsulates and eliminates the odour-causing agents by dismantling the protein structure of the offensive odour. After we do an initial clean, we will set up the Halo Fogger, and allow time for the machine to run its cycle, and then we will come back in, and do an air exchange. One treatment is typically all that is required.

If you have an odour issue in your home or business, call the professionals at Stutters Disaster Kleenup, and discuss which option is best for you.  You can call Stutters Disaster Kleenup at 1-877-763-1540, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are open and ready to serve you.

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