Plan Your Home Fire Drill

No one wants to think a house fire can happen to them, but it can. The best thing to do is to be prepared in case it does. Be sure to include your children in the discussion and plan for escape.

Involve your children by asking them where they think the family should meet outside. The mailbox? The blankneighbours sidewalk? The fence? Pick a designated meeting spot. Talk about the best doors to leave the house from. If the front door isn’t an option, maybe the back patio door, or the garage door are better options.

blankIn the ideal world, each room should have 2 ways of escape. Remember the windows are an option. In the upstairs rooms, you may have to have window ladders accessible for the children and yourself to use. Make sure everyone in the family knows where the window ladders are located, and how to use them, as a last resort.

Planning is one thing, but it’s IMPORTANT to actually practice a fire drill to make sure you can all get out in 2 minutes. blankHit the test on the smoke alarm so kids hear how it sounds. (Great way to ensure your batteries work at the same time!) Show your children how to crawl low if there’s smoke, getting to a door, and meeting at the designated meeting spot, together.

Make sure you also have a plan in place for your furry family members as well. Who will be responsible picking up a pet, should they be there on your way out. Remember, the fire department will assist in locating your furry family members.

Do you recall “stop, drop, and roll” from your childhood? It’s still important for every family member to know in case clothes blankaccidentally catch fire. Have your children practice this as well.

The valuables in your home, are your loved ones. Everything else can be replaced. Be sure to take the time with your family to plan, practice and prepare.

If you should have a fire, be sure to call the professionals at Stutters Disaster Kleenup, and we will do what we can to ensure your home is returned to a pre-loss condition.  We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Call us at 1-877-763-1540.

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