Preparing for Summer Thunderstorms

Before heading out check weather reports issuing warnings for possible thunderstorms especially severe storm warnings.   Severe storm warnings mean it’s time to find shelter from heavy rain and lightening.

Protect your family and property against thunderstorms.

  • Make sure everything is tied down including patio furniture, items around sheds and trees for dead branches.
  • Make sure your property is setup for heavy runoffs including gutters and drains.
  • Have an emergency kit for the entire family ready to go including medical supplies, food, water, radio, extra clothing and enough water to last at least for a few days.
  • When you hear thunder, look for shelter.
  • Be ready for a power outage with a flashlight for each family member and spare batteries.
  • During the storm, it is best to stay indoors if possible.
  • Unplug your electronics, lamps and avoid using any electrical appliance during the storm.
  • Don’t use any plumbing including shower, sinks and dishwashers.
  • Keep everyone away from windows, doors and stay in central rooms.


  • If you are stuck outdoors stay away from downed power lines, open fields and never drive through flooded roads.
  • Once the storm is over assess your property for any damage caused by flood waters, strong winds or downed trees.

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