Prevent Snow Damage To Your Home

Living in Canada year-round has it’s ups and downs, there is no doubt about that, and we in BC are no strangers to the downsides. Road closures, vehicle accidents, and ever-changing weather is part of daily life and can wreak havoc this time of year.

Winter weather can be very damaging to your property. The cold temperatures could freeze your pipes and burst in your basement. The weight of snow piling on your roof could cause the structure to collapse. Snow on your roof could also cause your shingles to erode and crack by next spring, causing problems months from now. Melting snow could make it’s way into your walls or ceiling, causing water damage you won’t notice until it’s too late. Or ice could form in your driveway and you could slide right into the side of your garage after a long day at work.

Whatever the case may be, from water damage to vehicle impact, you can trust the professionals at Stutters to handle your situation and put your mind at ease.

4 very easy ways you could prevent these common dilemmas…

  1. Replace or install insulation around your pipes if they are exposed to cold air
  2. Remove snow from your roof frequently, saving you from collapse, erosion, and leaks
  3. Keep your driveway clear of snow, whether it’s fresh or hard-packed
  4. Spread a 50/50 sand and salt mixture on your driveway, especially if it is steep or narrow

Examples of recent snow damage to BC homes…

When disaster strikes your home, be sure to call the professional team at Stutters!

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