Protect Your Carpets And Warranties With A Regular Shampoo

New Carpets and Installation Costly

When you work out the costs of a new carpet installed in your home it makes perfect sense to have regular professional shampoos to protect your warranty and make the carpet last many years. The average carpet replacement costs add up fast when you factor in price of the carpet, under pad, rip-out and labour for installation.

Based on a typical 1800 sq ft home with 10 stairs and full installation your costs would include:

New carpet average cost $3.50 per sq ft $6,300
Quality under pad cost $.80 per sq ft $1,440
Rip-out and disposal .25 per sq ft $   450
Labor to install .90 $1,620
10 stairs average $10 per stair $   100
Misc transitions $    50

                                          Total costs of new carpet $9,960 + taxes
                                          (furniture removal in/out extra)

If you have selected wool carpet, the cost ranges from $5 – $15 Sq ft.

In fact, carpet manufactures need you to show proof of periodic cleaning for any warranty claims. Have your carpets cleaned before they start looking too unsightly or soiled especially in those heavy traffic areas and stairs.

Stutters trained staff are knowledgeable on the various fibers, carpet construction and know the proper cleaning agents required for each. Wool carpets require different handling than nylon, polypropylene (olefin) or polyester. For example: wool carpets require a light detergent while the Smartstrand carpet material requires only hot water extraction. Smartstrand has 100% permanent, built-in stain protection which never wears or washes off. Whereas nylon carpets, after 3 or more shampoos, need a stain resistant product like Scotchgard™ to be re-applied to protect the carpet from staining.

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