Sensitivity to Cleaning Products?

One product line that Stutters Disaster Kleenup uses is great at everything and is safe for anyone with sensitivity to chemical products. The story behind how the product came to be is a great one. Parents trying to find blanksomething that they can use around an ill child. The power of love is amazing, and in turn has created this amazing product line, Benefect.

Benefect is an all-natural product and is the world’s only authentically botanical disinfectant. Stutters Disaster Kleenup is more than happy to use this product, as there are no side effects to clients, or the crew that are using the product. Using Green products is what we ideally strive for on all our jobs. How amazing is it that we can use a product that has zero need for our crew to use personal protective equipment to use?

These products are used from water damages, sewer back-ups, to fire cleans, and trauma clean ups. If you or a loved one has sensitivity to the chemical cleaning products out there, this is the perfect option. We are more than happy to ensure only these products are used in your home.

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Water Damage/Sewer Back-up

Fire & Smoke Damage

Mould Remediation