Call Stutters DKI when crisis strikes!

Restoration ServicesDon’t just toss the keys to your home or business to the first restoration company you find in the phone book.

We encourage you to get to know our professional Stutters team before you need us. Every employee at Stutters undergoes a criminal record check and we are fully insured and bonded – just a few of the many reasons why we think you should call Stutters Disaster Kleenup. 

Disasters are unexpected and overwhelming. Stutters exists to deal with these disasters – to contain them, to solve the problem, and finally to erase all signs of their occurrence. 

Since 1982, Stutters has successfully completed every kind of restoration work imaginable; hospitals, schools, stores, restaurants, factories, libraries, laboratories, barns, garages and farm out buildings, apartment complexes, and private homes. Our company personnel have restored and repaired various damaged goods and contents from all of these premises, including books, clothing, furnishing, files and documents, photographs and mementos, draperies, wall, bed and floor-coverings, computers, electronic devices, and other electronic components.

Our concern is total reconstruction, replacement, and restoration, from the first phone call we receive alerting us to the disaster, right through to the final handover of the restored property to the owner/occupant. We are equipped and prepared to handle every stage of the restoration process.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 365 days a year

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