Dry Air Technology

Dry Air RestorationRecovering from serious water damage or sewage waste may seem impossible to overcome. Stutters is here to help you by providing the appropriate drying techniques required to get the job done.

While water damage may seem fairly straightforward and simple, there are other considerations that may be overlooked. This includes the degree to which water can penetrate a building’s structure cavities. Stutters Disaster Kleenup will use a thorough and professional drying process using dehumidifiers and air-movers that work to remove the moisture. Our technicians are highly trained professionals who have been educated in the science of drying and proper drying techniques (The Clean Trust Certification).

Trying to solve the damage by just using a wet vacuum or mop and pail can often lead to more serious damage. Call Stutters when disaster strikes.

DKC Dry Heat System

The DKC Dry Heat System directs high volume preconditioned dry heated air into the property, and assisted by air movers, moves this dry air into contact with heated services which cause evaporation. This moist heated air is then expelled to the outside until the structure is dry. The benefit of this type of technology is that in many cases wet contents, such as furniture, and building materials, such as drywall, will be dried without the need to remove them. This significantly reduces the cost.



Testing throughout the drying process allows our technicians to employ the right method to ensure that your property is safely dried. This further testing is referred to as monitoring. Due to the need for this progressive testing, our technicians will require entry into areas affected throughout the drying process. Technicians will then determine the need to reposition equipment as necessary.



Not to be overlooked is the fact that contents, which have become wet, can be of equal concern. From valuable pictures and documents to furniture and electronics, the right response and proper handling is needed. Stutters Disaster Kleenup has the technology to stabilize and restore your valuables back to their original state.

Thermal Drydown System

The Thermal Drydown System or Temperature Flux Drying System is a revolutionary drying system which expedites a claim by drying content faster than conventional methods.

This trailer-mounted drying system pulls right up to a building that has suffered a large water loss and is left onsite for the duration of the structural drying process.  This new technology creates phenomenal results.  In most cases, we dry the structure in 2/3 of the time that it would take if we used refrigerant or desiccant drying technology.

The Temperature Flux Drying System introduces hot air with low humidity into the wet environment.  The hot air raises the dew point in the structure, allowing for the rapid evaporation of moisture from the wet building materials. The positive pressure inside of the structure, along with air circulation created by air movers, helps promote rapid evaporation and pushes the moist air out of the wet environment through strategically placed egress points.  This can be achieved as long as the temperature within the wet environment is a least 10% to 15% higher than the ambient temperature.  The result is a dry environment, achieved at a faster rate than conventional drying methods.

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Dry Air Technology At It’s Finest
Today’s restoration technology is always improving, leading to faster project turnover rates and happier clients.