Mould Remediation

Mould Removal ServiceLike asbestos, mould is increasingly recognized as a health concern and a major problem in buildings today.

Mould can grow virtually anywhere that moisture is present. Stutters has a RISK team (Remediation in Specialized Kleenup) specially trained and ready to take on your worst jobs.

These projects may include, but are not limited to, clean up of mould, asbestos and/or biological contamination (ie. blood). Mould, asbestos, and biological contamination may exist in healthcare facilities, schools, retirement communities, financial institutions, public buildings, strata corporations and personal residences.

Our RISK team is trained and certified in Infectious Disease Control, once again serving as peace-of-mind for you.

Restore S-520

Faster response: Restore S-520 can be dispensed on the scene immediately, even before remediation begins. It is a highly effective mould remediation product, neutralizing mycotoxins in minutes. It works like no other product on the market. Restore S-520 actually breaks apart the protein molecules responsible for mould, leaving behind dead plant matter (which is not harmful to people).

Effective: Restore S-520 has demonstrated to be fungicidal against pathogenic fungal spores, thus it is an effective fungicidal against mould. There are many species of mould, and we believe our product is effective against nearly all of them. Test results show that this product will kill 99.99999% of Starchybotrys Chartarum spores for example. It is also effective in decontaminating the mycotoxins produced by other various moulds.



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