Vandalism Repair

Vandalism Repair ServicesVandalism is an unfortunate occurrence in today’s society and can result in the defacement or destruction of property. Fortunately, Stutters can respond! Stutters will arrive at the scene and take measures to ensure that your household or business can resume it’s normal operation.

Vandalism has a tendency to influence other problems within an area including littering and dumping, loitering, unlawful activities and poor property maintenance. It can also have many faces such as attempted burglaries, destruction of property, or graffiti.

If you are faced with graffiti, the Dry Ice Blasting process will lift the paint or ink from the substrate with no damage to the surface – leaving only the removed paint chips for clean up. The Dry Ice Pellets sublimate on contact, leaving no secondary waste or harmful substances to the environment.

The 5 Negative Effects of Graffiti

  • Risk to health, safety and welfare of the community
  • Conveys a perception that laws protecting public and private property are of low importance
  • Creates a sense of disrespect in the community and can encourage unlawful activity and community degradation
  • A nuisance affecting property value, business opportunity and enjoyment of the community
  • Offensive to individuals and groups

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