Signs a Water Pipe Burst Inside Your Walls or Ceiling

Stutters Disaster Kleenup is the first call you should make should you notice any of these 5 signs that may indicate that you have a burst water pipe inside your walls or ceiling.  We will ensure our Project Managers and Technicians attend quickly to remediate any water damages.

Blistering Paint or Wallpaperblank
Unusual blisters, bubbles or odd damage developing on the wall coverings in your home, you may have a plumbing leak. If moisture is between your wall and the paint layers or wallpaper, the bond that keeps the paint on the walls is compromised, and will begin to detach from the wall, creating the effects of blisters or bubbles.

Unpleasant Odours
If a water leak is left for a prolonged period, an odour will become prominent from the hidden stagnant water in your walls.

Ceiling Stainsblank
Discolouration or staining on your ceiling can also indicate that there’s a problem with your water pipes, as is a sagging ceiling.

Low Water Pressure
You notice a drop in water pressure in your bathroom, kitchen or other area of your home. A compromised water pipe could be the culprit.

Dripping or Free-Flowing Water
This is the most obvious of all, if you see water running down your walls, or coming from your ceiling, it’s likely you have a burst water line. If you have this happen, make sure you shut off the main water supply to your home, and call in the professionals from Stutters Disaster Kleenup.

We will use our Infrared Camera to determine where exactly the water is coming from behind your walls without the need to open them all up. The sooner we can determine the cause of the water damage to your home, the sooner we can get your home back to normal. We will install the appropriate equipment to dry your home, so that you can get back to life without the stress of fixing your home.

Call the professionals at Stutters Disaster Kleenup, at 1-877-763-1540.  We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to serve you.

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