Small Basement Floods Are Costly, Are You Covered?

Flooding can occur at anytime from heavy rains, flash flooding, mud flows, sewer backup,
burst pipes, plumbing problems and water heater failures. Most homeowners insurance will
not cover normal flooding, although there are some situations it does including hail or
broken water pipes.  A small basement flood can be overwhelming for most people and
cleanup and take weeks or more. Even 6 inches of water in your basement can create mountains of
expenses if not handled by a professional restoration company quickly.
Check your home or business insurance and find out what floods your are covered.

Approximate costs of a small 6″ basement flood:

Cleaning $1000 – $5000
Doors & Base Trim $500 – $2000
Electrical and Plumbing $200 – $1,000
Re-finishing Floor, Wood or Carpet $5000 – $10000
Interior Walls Finishing $500 –  $2500
Wall Insulation, Drywall or Paneling $1000 – $3000
Kitchen & Bath Cabinets $250 – $2000
Appliances Repair $100 – $1500
Repairs to Furnace $200 – $500
Bedroom Furniture $500 – $1000
Dining Room Table and Chairs $1000
Kitchen Ware & Food $100 – $250
Living Room Furniture $1000 – $3000
Computer Accessories $500 – $1000
Television, DVD & Stereo $100 – $500
Wash/Dryer Cleanup $150 – $500
Accent Furniture & Accessories $250 – $350
Loss of personal items. $200 – $1000

Once disaster strikes call stutters for an evaluation and fast cleanup to bring your life back
to normal. It’s important to call a professional restoration company for home flooding to make sure
all water and moisture is removed to prevent mold growth.

flooded indoor stairwell

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Other important information can be found at…

British Columbia Real Estate Association: Flood Protection

Government of Canada: Emergency Preparedness – Floods

Government of British Columbia: Emergency Alerts Information

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