Snow Load on Your Roof

When should be concerned about the volume of snow accumulated on your roof? It depends on the weight of the snow. When temperatures start to rise, and the snow begins to melt the weight can increase if it freezes again, giving layers of snow and ice. Remember 6 inches of heavy snow, can weigh more than 36 inches of light fluffy snow.

blankIf you have concerns over your home or outbuilding, you need to be watchful of the volume of snow, and inspect to ensure that the structure can hold the weight. Where is the best place to watch to ensure your roof can handle the weight? Your interior doors and walls, watch to ensure that the doors do not have sticking issues, and that there are no cracks in your drywall or plaster interior walls. If your concern is an outbuilding, watch and listen for the structure moving under the weight.

If you feel that you need to have the snow removed from your roof, it’s important that you contract a licensed contractor. Be aware, that the goal is to remove the weight from your roof, not clear the roof, you will still have some snow on your roof, but the weight will be removed.

If the unfortunate happens, and your roof collapses, call Stutters Disaster Kleenup and we will be there to help get things back together for you. We will ensure your contents are taken care of, and the rebuild is done, so that your home or outbuilding is returned to pre-loss condition.

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