Some Cheap and Easy Winter Hacks

Snow is in the forecast for later this week, so here are some cheap and easy winter hacks.

Make shoveling your driveway or side walk faster work by coating both sides of a shovel blade with non-stick cooking spray. You’ll be amazed as how quickly that snow and slush will slide right off!

Do you feel a cold draft coming from beneath a door? Make your own door stopper, using a stocking filled with rolled up towels, or socks, and squeeze it against the bottom of the door to stop the draft from coming in.

You know that feeling when your vehicle windows have that thick layer of ice and frost, and your scraper doesn’t even make a mark…Here’s a quick and easy way to cut through that ice. In a spray bottle fill with 2/3 parts vinegar, and 1/3 parts water. Spray on your icy windows, and watch the ice melt away!

However, if disaster strikes your home or business, call the professionals at Stutters Disaster Kleenup, to reduce damages.

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