Starting a home renovation and concerned about possible asbestos?

Before you start a home renovation project check for possible asbestos

If your home was built before 1980 and your about to undertake a major renovation, research the areas for possible asbestos.  It’s your responsibility to test for asbestos before you disturb or rip out old drywall, remove a wall, scrape off a popcorn ceiling, remove floor tiles, heat ducting or pull out insulation. It’s important not to assume trades people working in your home know all about possible asbestos and its risks. Call Stutters before the renovation starts to run tests that will protect your family, occupants and the trades people from exposure to asbestos fibers.

Once you call Stutters an experienced project manager will be assigned to your property. The project manager will arrive on site, assess the home, record any necessary information, take samples of any suspicious materials, and then send out those samples for testing.

The testing facility will then reply with the results of each sample and the project manager will discuss with you the property owner how to proceed regarding removal of the asbestos, assuming the samples come back positive for asbestos.

The project manager will then contact the testing facility for a full risk assessment, and in that assessment will be the full detailed guideline on how the project will proceed.  This assessment includes any and all required personal protective equipment, necessary containment, what areas of the property should be removed or what can stay, and instructions on disposal.

For example, worker decontamination procedures and protective equipment required:

  • Half-Face-piece Respirator with P100 Filters
  • Impervious Coveralls (Tyvek or Similar Suits)
  • Lace-less Rubber Boots
  • HEPA Equipped Vacuum
  • Wet Wash Down
  • Wash-up Facilities
  • Impervious Waste Containers

The project manager will also need to contact the Ministry if there is over 1000kg of waste materials to register for disposal, which is the government’s way of monitoring large quantities of asbestos.

For example, a job that has asbestos in the flooring and nowhere else will have guidelines on how to remove it, what personal protective equipment should be worn, and any other necessary safety procedures. Whereas a job that has asbestos in the ceiling and walls, but nowhere else, will have entirely different procedures listed in their risk assessment because it’ll be different materials and levels of asbestos and areas of the property.

Play it safe and call Stutters for a qualified assessment of your property before the home renovation starts.

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