Stutters Electronics Restoration with Warranty

Restoration is a proven cost-effective alternative to replacing your electronics.

Our objective for bringing electronics restoration in-house is to reduce the cost associated with the replacement of your damaged electronics. There are many ways to damage your electronics, but the most devastating way is water damage. Water can get into the circuit boards and starts corroding within 48 hours if not properly cleaned then thoroughly dried. Using O’DELL’s state-of-the-art electronic cleaning and restoration equipment, in conjunction with other diagnostic equipment, we are able to service, restore, and decontaminate water, fire, chemical, or smoke damaged items.

We know and understand that when it comes to business losses, lost time means lost money. We pride ourselves in reducing our clients’ business and service interruption. All of our repairs are performed by qualified and authorized professional service technicians. With over 30 years of recovery and technology restoration experience, Stutters has a unique competitive advantage with our very own Electronics Department.

Our fast and responsive service, in-house cleaning technology, and one-year warranty on all restored electronic items raises the bar in Electronic Cleaning.

ODELL’s cleaning process is safe for the electronics, the environment, as well as the technicians using the equipment. Contaminants such as environmental pollutants, smoke, soot, residues from chemical vapors, water, chemical extinguishing powders, etc., can all be cleaned efficiently with the ODELL cleaning stations. In combination with the O’Dell cleaning system we offer digitally controlled drying chambers for thorough drying of electronics, which is critical to the process of saving electronics. We first wash them using the O’Dell system and then place them in the drying chamber at temperatures up to 110 degrees. The system’s well designed Updraft features high circulating, low temperature air for optimum drying speed and efficiency. This provides fast and thorough drying, thus stopping corrosion from occurring and saving your electronics from our landfills.

Equipment Specialties & Services Provided

• Restoration cleaning and testing of smoke and water damaged consumer and commercial electronics

• On-site electronics stabilization (we will come to you)

• On-site evaluation of electronic and appliances

• Computer service, data recovery, network cabling

• Service, repair and calibration to specialized electronic testing equipment in the manufacturing and automotive industry

• Component level circuit board diagnostics

• Service to video surveillance systems

• Service to paging and audio systems

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 365 days a year

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