Tips and Tricks to Using a Fire Extinguisher

An easy way of using a fire extinguisher, just think of “PASS

P – Pull the pin on the extinguisher
A – Aim the hose nozzle LOW towards the base of the fire
S – Squeeze the handle to release the extinguisher agent
S – Sweep the nozzle from side to side at the BASE of the flams until extinguishedblank

Stand approximately 8 to 12 feet away from the fire, and do not touch the discharge horn, as it may get very cold, and may damage your skin.

If the flames are taller than you, or if the fire is spreading, evacuate immediately.

There are multiple classes of Fire Extinguishers. The standard Classes are:

Class A – Fires with trash, wood, paper or other combustible materials as the fuel source.
Class B – Fires with flammable or combustible liquids as the fuel source.
Class C – Fires involving electrical equipment.
Class D – Fires with certain ignitable metals as a fuel source.

How can you tell if the Fire Extinguisher is expired? There is a gauge meter on the top, when it’s in the red that means it’s expired.

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