Tips for Kids and Family Safety In Case Of Fire

Family Safety First and Exit Planning

  • Familiarize the kids with the smoke detectors. Have a look around the home and make sure you have at least one fire detector for each floor.   Test them out with the kids so they know what the sound is like and not to panic.   Make sure you change the batteries every 6 months or minimum once per year.
  •  Check your home for any potential fire hazards. Keep an eye on your home as things are always changing.  Look at electrical cords that may have become partially unplugged, covered up by rugs or stuffed animals.  Check all your electric heaters and make sure nothing has fallen in front of them or inside the element area.   Check your fireplace before you exit the home or go to bed and remember always has a fire safety guard in place.
  • Have a family exit plan.  Go over what the family should do during the day or night in the event of a fire or when the smoke alarms go off.  As part of your plan, designate one person to get infants and small children out safely.  You should have a minimum of two escape routes in your home and a safe place where the family is to gather outside.
  •  Practice your fire safety exit plan. It’s important to practice your escape route incase fire hits the home. Go over each scenario if the fire was upstairs vs downstairs.  Kids enjoy practicing the escape route and finishing in the gathering spot outside. It’s also a good idea to cover off the pet situation if the alarms or fire happens.
  • Feel for heat before opening a door.  Practice with the kids feeling the door, doorknob, and cracks around the door with the back of your hand to see if they are too hot.
  • Never go back inside a burning building. Once your exit plan is in place and practiced it’s important that they understand that NOBODY goes back into the burning house. This is another important reason why the pet situation needs to be covered.
  • Do not play with matches or lighters. In fact, don’t even pick them up.  Discuss this with the kids and the importance of not touching matches, lighters or trying to light a candle
  • Fall and Crawl if smoke is detected.  Talk to the kids that smoke is toxic, practice the fall and crawl if they smell smoke.  Part of your practice exit plan should be to teach the kids to get low to the ground where there is less smoke and crawl to safety.
  • What to do when clothing catches on fire. If your clothes are on fire, do not panic just stop drop and roll.  Keep rolling until the fire is out.
  • Call 911 once outside.  Wait to call 911 from a cell phone or your neighbors home once everyone is out safe.

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