Watch For Asbestos While Renovating Your Basement.

Renovating a basement is popular these days because it delivers homeowner a hefty return when it’s time to sell, a new fresh look or a rental opportunity.

Before you pull out the hammer and start tearing into the old materials you should have your basement inspected by Stutters for possible asbestos.  If your home was built prior to 1990, there is a possibility you may have materials that contain asbestosAsbestos is a very serious health concern, when fibers are inhaled they can cause asbestosis or mesothelioma  which can be fatal.  Do not gamble your family and friends health call Stutters before you start and have your basement check for asbestos.

Areas in your basement that could contain Asbestos:

  • Asbestos in drywall – all drywall needs to be tested for asbestos before it’s taken to a landfill
  • Drywall filling compound and joint compound could contain asbestos
  • Acoustic tiles have could contain asbestos
  • If you are removing an old fireplace with artificial logs and ashes have it checked for asbestos including the pad under the fireplace hearth
  • If your ceiling or walls have texture it could contain asbestos fibers
  • Popcorn ceiling is another textured product that could contained asbestos
  • If you have old vinyl tiles, linoleum sheet tiles and the adhesives could contain asbestos
  • If your moving your ducting the tape used to seal the ducts could contain asbestos
  • If you haven’t updated your old furnace the gasket is most likely made with asbestos
  • Electrical panels, plug outlets and insulation on electrical wiring can contain asbestos
  • Recessed lighting is common in basements the backing could contain asbestos
  • Pipe insulation for water heaters another source for asbestos

The Stutters team follows a strict procedure when working with asbestos and is an environmentally friendly company.

Step one: Stutters employees will set up a containment area by using poly to seal in the contaminants.

Step two: Our crews suit up and wear special breathing equipment to carry out the removal process.

Step three: We then purify the air with HEPA filters before it goes back into the environment.

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